WildTiger is a private sector organization dedicated
to the philosophy that the protection of wildlife in
natural habitat is a fundamental responsibility to
ensure the health of future generations.  Human life
is dependent on ecosystems containing balanced
layers of wildlife.
Our work revolves around improving
and includes project development with
regards to human-wildlife conflict as well as
collaborations to combat
wildlife crime.
WildTiger Conservation Research & Development
© WildTiger ABN:13817104075
Go to wildleopard.net to understand further our work in
mitigating human-leopard conflict which is a serious
problem in South Asia.

Currently in development is the:
"Living with Leopards" concept

We'll have updates in mid February 2017.  These
changes will be reflected in our online platforms.
WildTiger appreciates the collaborations of
Proschoice Australia, CMDN and the Community Based
Anti-Poaching Unit (CBAPU) of Bardia National Park,
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Jack Kinross blog, social media + contact.
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