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This Home Page has been published in response to the ongoing crisis
caused by ear
thquakes here in Nepal -  REMOTE AREA AID (R2A)
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WildTiger Conservation Research and Development

If you've reached this page through interest in our project
work I hope you can understand why this Home Page has
been published in response to the crisis here in Nepal.  You
can still access the original
WildTiger site or you can go
direct to my blog
Here and my Facebook page Here where I
will update as much as possible.

The earthquake which hit Nepal had an epicentre at a point
midway between main cities Kathmandu and Pokhara has
been particularly severe in the Gorkha region where we are
concentrating our efforts in providing aid to remote villages.

I will be working in the field providing rescue and
assessment alongside Chudamani Pant, the chief medical
officer of the Ghandruk VDC.  Cecile Michiardi will be
providing logistical support while based in Pokhara.

Medical supplies will be transported from Pokhara as quickly
as possible.

I will not always be available so please contact Chudamani
and Cecile at the details below.  We thank you sincerely for
your support during this crisis.  I will report as often as
possible through my blogs.

Chudamani Pant     pant_chuda@yahoo.com
NTC Tel +977 984131 2667
Ncell Tel +977 980 6102725

Cecile Michiardi        mimichiardi@gmail.com
Ncell Tel +977 981 9104710
To contribute to our
work in providing
aid during the crisis
in Nepal click on
Asa, the Leopard of
Hope below:
We are currently mobilizing
to provide aid in remote
Your support will provide
shelter and medical aid
from specialists.

Jack Kinross Contact:
NTC Tel +977 9868258260

Please note: The NTC
network is not always
connecting during the crisis
so please contact
Chudamani and Cecile at
their Ncell numbers if you
can't get through.

You can also help by
purchasing images through
Mountaintiger Photography
This page will be updated according to developments.
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