Please note our projects are all linked with regards to
conservation having a strong humanitarian factor.  Protecting
habitat is very much about protecting the wildlife and people
who reside there...
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WildTiger is a private sector organization dedicated to the philosophy of community conservation.  

WIldTiger Nepal: In Nepal the word "tiger' can mean any wild cat, maybe a leopard, maybe a
snow leopard.  To us here at WildTiger it also represents a way of living, a philosophy that we
take into our project work.
"Jack Kinross here for WildTiger:

WildTiger is an evolving organization
with an emphasis on community
conservation with regard to the
relationship between people and the
great cats of Asia.

Co-existing with wildlife is one of the
great challenges of the 21st Century.  
It is a dynamic situation which requires
dynamic thinking and implementation
with the future of many species
depending on the right decisions being

Our attitudes and perceptions must
keep pace and adapt continually with
the issues surrounding conservation
and the complexities of the human -
wildlife relationship.

WildTiger maintains the philosophy
that compassion for both humans and
wildlife holds the key to effectively
finding and implementing the solutions
WildTiger in other places, doing other
things including earthquake relif work
and a whole lot MORE...

WildTiger is working in
collaboration with relevant
parties in western Nepal to help
combat increased poaching
activity in protected and
non-protected areas.

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