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This Home Page has been published in response to the ongoing crisis
caused by ear
thquakes here in Nepal -  REMOTE AREA AID (R2A)
The original site has been pulled down in response to
the earthquake crisis  but you can still access
information on our other projects:

Leopard Rewilding Program (wildleopard.net)
Project Mountain Tiger
The Om Prasad Legacy
Mountaintiger Photography
Jack Kinross here for:
WildTiger Conservation Research and Development

If you've reached this page through interest in our project
work I hope you can understand why this Home Page has
been published in response to the crisis here in Nepal.  We
have pulled down the original site and will run this site in
simplified form during the crisis.  You can go direct to my
Here and my Facebook page Here where I will update
as much as possible.
The earthquake which hit Nepal had an epicentre at a point
midway between main cities Kathmandu and Pokhara has
been particularly severe in the Gorkha region where we are
concentrating our efforts in providing aid to remote villages.

UPDATE 18/05/15
We are concentrating our efforts on the  Hamsapur area
near the epicentre of the earthquake.  Medical and food
supplies were distributed.  A Needs Assessment regarding
Epidemic Prevention was carried out and essentially this our
main emphasis because monsoon conditions will be putting
huge strains on people living in tented camps.  The risk of
disease is high and we are doing our best to prevent this.
My thanks to the Sanjiwani Health Team for their help in the
initial deployment.  Ongoing support from the Ghandruk
VDC and ACAP as well as international aid is making this
possible. We are also working in collaboration with various
others organizations including the Nepal Army. Funds are
still required and I can assure you they go directly to ground
level, that is the WildTiger way, always has been, always will
be.  We thank you sincerely for your support during this
crisis.  I will report as often as possible through my blogs but
am often out of range.

Assisting me in the field is Som G.C. who is a highly
experienced avian/wildlife expert whose knowledge of
Nepal's back country is invaluable at this time.  Som will be
running Needs Assessment in the affected areas we are
operating in as well as continuing his work monitoring the
illegal trade in birds and other wildlife.
Som is also an internationally recognized guide who fits
clients into his busy schedule.  Som can be contacted at:

Cecile Michiardi  is coordinating the photo exhibitions which
are such an important part of our funding.  Cecile can be
reached at her base in Grenoble, France at     
We'll have more on the Exhibitions on this site but contact
Cecile if you'd like to be involved.
Cecile and Tariq Jabrane (Morocco) are also busy with the
construction of our new online format which will be crucial to
our work on the ground.  Cecile also works at ground level
as much as behind her laptop and is currently busy
organizing emergency shelters as part of R2A.

Hemant Acharya is based in west Nepal at Bardia National
Park where he is the leader of the Community Based
Anti-Poaching team.  Hemant's background is described in
Om Prasad Legacy and he has been recognized
nationally on several occasions for his anti-poaching and
other conservation work. Hemant is currently also busy
helping with the planning and preparation of the Wildlife
Rescue and Rewilding Centre which will be based around
our work with big cats.  Hemant's ability in mobilizing and
motivating teams is invaluable for WildTiger.

Bidhya Sharma is a young wildlife biologist in the making
and is currently preparing a project studying the range
overlap of leopards and snow leopards as well as other
fauna studies within the context of
Project Mountain Tiger.
Bidhya is also involved in crucial logistics work for R2A and
while she may be the youngest in our core team her
enthusiasm and energy are great assets for WildTiger.

Bidhya has a passion for wild cats and a genuine concern
for the conservation of these species in Nepal

Chiran Khadka has been a supporter of WildTiger for many
years and now joins us in the role of arranging and
facilitating the building of shelters and quick construction
homes for Remote Area Aid.
With the current earthquake crisis Chiran is using his all
round skills to good use at a time when Nepal needs an
organized and rational approach.

Bindu Adhikari is vet student whose aim is to specialize in
wildlife treatment and study.  Bindu played an integral part
in the initial monitoring of Asa, the first cub in the
Rewilding Program
.  WildTiger sees a bright future for Bindu
in the formation of Rescue and Rewilding facilities here in
Nepal.  Like many of the team Bindu's passion is big cats
but she has already shown a lot of versatility in her practical
To contribute to our
work in providing
aid during the crisis
in Nepal click on
Asa, the Leopard of
Hope below:
We are currently mobilizing
to provide aid in remote
Your support will provide
medical aid from specialists
as well as other essential

Jack Kinross Contact:
NTC Tel +977 9868258260

Please note: The NTC
network is not always
connecting during the crisis
so please contact Bidhya
Sharma if you can't get

You can also help by
purchasing images through
Mountaintiger Photography
This page will be updated according to developments.
Jack and Asa