Conservationist in Nepal takes stand against historical possession of wildlife body parts

Ex PM Kritinidhi Bista giving an interview to a national television network at his home, Kathmandu, Nepal, September 2016. Source: Tweet of the interviewer Suman Kharel.

Conservationist Kumar Paudel has filed a petition to Nepal’s Supreme Court based on the premise against a number of government departments that demands them to act on a number of prominent yet overlooked cases of illegal wildlife body parts use.  Mr Paudel took action initially after viewing the television interview referred to in the image above.

Mr Paudel quotes in the Press Release: “As part of my current research, I have interviewed more than 150 people serving criminal sentences for illegal trading of wildlife in Nepal. Coincidentally, I was watching a national broadcast of an interview with our former Prime Minister, Kritinidhi Bista. I was shocked to see that he was prominently displaying a tiger pelt as a decorative item in his home.”

Read the full Press Release:  Illegal wildlife trade & Nepal’s Ex-Prime Minister Petition to the Supreme Court of Nepal

WildTiger notes that when American Ian Baker was charged with possession of wildlife body parts (including big cat skins) in Nepal in 2008 he claimed that there were many families among Kathmandu’s elite in possession of tiger skins and other wildlife parts.  Baker did not appear in Nepal to face charges and an INTERPOL Red Corner Notice against him was later suspended after he was located and arrested in Athens in 2017.  “INTERPOL has expressed dissatisfaction over his prosecution by Kathmandu District Forest Office — a quasi- judicial body,” a senior police officer requesting anonymity said – Read story HERE.

WildTiger will update on the Kumar Paudel petition to the Nepal Supreme Court and we are preparing a report on these issues including the Baker case.


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