Nepal Tiger Figures Made Public

On 23 September after postponements the Government of Nepal released the estimated tiger population figures based on the census conducted earlier in 2018.

A national figure of 235 was reached from counts from the following tiger reserves (2013 figures are in brackets):

Chitwan National Park 93 (120)

Parsa National Park 18 (7)

Banke National Park 21 (4)

Bardiya National Park 87 (50)

Shuklaphanta National Park 16 (17)

WildTiger will bring comment on the figures in due course. Speculation has arisen regarding the reduction in tiger numbers in Chitwan National Park.

A piece by Adarsh Man Serchen of the Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (WildTiger Partner) regarding how forensic data analysis is shedding new light on tiger specimens confiscated from poachers can be seen HERE.