Wake up call – “What about us?”

A message from Jack Kinross:

The three images I’ve posted today here are related in the context of the message below them.  We’re about to evolve our strategies and format here at WildTiger, this will be detailed later in November.

Last night after teaching some tiny Tharu kids some wildlife stuff I went back to work organizing some strategy re Arghakanchi from where I have just returned, there is a serious man-eater leopard problem leading to brutal retaliation killings. While I worked I had a playlist going on in my headphones and Michael Jackson’s anthem ‘Earth Song’ came through. The words “What about us?” are repeated constantly through this epic track.
I thought back to a day in 2003 when I was at Namobuddha (3rd image), the place where an incarnation of the Buddha gave his life to a starving tigress so she could feed her cubs. My own journey has been very much dedicated to big cats, with the two in the other images playing major roles. But as I reflected on that day over 15 years ago I asked myself honestly if I thought we were making progress.
China’s decision to allow legal trade in tiger bone and rhino horn gave the easy answer to my question, a deeply concerning and deadly serious answer that is symbolic to a situation the world must wake up to.
We’re on the brink of ecological collapse in so many more places than has already happened. Not only does wildlife have the right to life to be decided as nature sees fit but the health of our own species is at severe risk unless the wake up call is listened to.
The leopards I attend to today, the tiny Tharu children I teach again tonight, I fear for their future unless their call of “What about us?” is heard by our generations. It’s now or never. We are all responsible.