About WildTiger & Contact

Many thanks for visiting our site.  WildTiger is a private sector organization with no plush offices, fancy vehicles or expensive marketing.  We work on the ground for the ground.

Founded in 2007 as a vehicle primarily for environmental research with a small client base WildTiger then went through an evolution in 2010 (the most recent Year of the Tiger) as we moved into project development.  Our full name, WildTiger Conservation Research and Development, was born at that stage and in late 2013 we altered our structure to become a Private Sector Organization (registered in Australia ABN 13817104075) with the aim of connecting to dynamic partners both in the private and public sectors.

A strong focus for us currently is our on the ground work through the

Leopard Task Force

The Leopard (panthera pardus) is the most persecuted, misunderstood and least supported of the big cats and WildTiger is working on the ground to improve leopard conservation.  We encourage you to get involved.

Another innovation commencing mid April 2018 is a section headed by award winning environmental journalist and investigator, Pragati Shahi.  This section will action through our Investigation Leg.

For Inquiries please email projects@wildtiger.org

Our evolution will never stop, our commitment to improving coexistence between the key elements of people, wildlife and habitat will never cease.

Thank you for interest and support,

Team WildTiger