Anti-Poaching/Trafficking – LeopardEye and Analysis/Media

WildTiger collaborates with Governments, NGOs and Law Enforcement Agencies to combat wildlife crime.

LeopardEye is our system using technology, forensic analysis and skilled human resource to monitor wildlife and human activity.

LeopardEye uses strategies based on location and situational dynamics to provide information and solutions in combating wildlife crime as well as mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

WildTiger interacts with appropriate agencies, organizations and individuals to develop and implement LeopardEye.  Covert patrolling and intelligence gathering combined with detailed analysis and information sharing are key activities.  Security of information including operation locations is high priority.

We’d especially like to thank the Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) and ProsChoice Australia for their collaborations and support.

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The Analysis and publication section is headed by environmental journalist and wildlife crime analyst, Pragati Shahi.   The focus is on wildlife crime and other environmental issues in (but not restricted to) South Asia.

Pragati Shahi, highly experienced award winning environmental journalist based in Nepal.

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The wildlife crime updates section is being revamped and will be published again later in 2019.  In the meantime follow our main Twitter feed @WildTigerNews