HWP Commercial Leg

WildTiger is funded through the commercial leg of Human & Wildlife Protection Group (HWP) as of August 2018.   Email projects@wildtiger.org to express interest in getting involved.  Some examples are below:

MountainTiger Photography

To inquire about holding a photo exhibition similar to the previous MountainTiger Photography format or to buy an image (we will send you a gallery to choose from) please email projects@wildtiger.org

images currently for sale are based on the rewilding of Asa, the Leopard of Hope.  Here’s some examples, watermarks are removed from the final product and there are several different formats for exhibitions including online options.


“Wild Leopard” – Honey from Nepal for poverty alleviation and project support

“Wild Leopard” honey from Nepal, is a life saver.

In many areas of Nepal extreme poverty is a major factor as to why people cannot keep safe from wild animals such as leopards and elephants.  Wild Leopard Honey is an initiative that provides revenue in these areas thus allowing people to improve infrastructure.

WildTiger and Leopard Task Force projects gain direct benefit from the initiative as Wild Leopard Honey is retailed in selected areas of Nepal.  Development of overseas markets is currently taking place.


@TrekkingTiger – Responsible Wildlife Tourism

Minimal disturbance wildlife tourism is a value we encourage and help parties comply with.  Check out @TrekkingTiger where there will be posts regarding groups and individuals we collaborate with.

We’re happy to advise you and put you in contact with right people who comply with our mandate of Responsible Wildlife Tourism.

To find out more email us at projects@wildtiger.org