Day of the Leopard – The Quest for Full Protection Status

What was initially named International Day of the Leopard has now been rebadged DAY OF THE LEOPARD as there has been significant progress  in the quest to get full protection status for the Indian leopard (panthera pardus fusca) in Nepal, where the event will be launched from.  The date will be announced after the Nepal General Election in December for the web based event which will include a dedicated online site which will be the start of an ongoing effort to highlight leopard conservation as well as bringing information and updates.

The vast physical range of the leopard (over 70 countries have recorded leopard activity) means that there is a corresponding collection of issues facing conservationists.  The Day of the Leopard is the first serious attempt to begin a process by which knowledge sharing can aid the species as a whole.  While the day will begin an ongoing effort to raise public awareness the main emphasis will be on how conservation scientists can work better and collectively to save the species.  There will be a strong focus on community empowerment  and how best to improve this as the challenges of human and leopard coexistence grow.

The Day of the Leopard will open with a series of videos from experts working in the field.  Why the leopard is such an important species will have particular emphasis.  The day will sow another seed in growing momentum as to why leopard conservation needs an overall stronger focus by the international community including governments, the conservation sector and the general public.  Full protection status is a vital factor in improving coexistence between people and leopards.

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