Leopard Task Force – Coexistence, Rehabilitation, Protection

The Leopard Task Force  (LTF) is an initiative of:

WildTiger Conservation Research and Development  – wildtiger.org

Content is currently being added to this website with an announcement regarding International Day of the Leopard soon.

This will include the role of the Leopard Task Force.  Currently discussions with major stakeholders are ongoing, collaborations and partnerships are being formed while at the same time extensive field work is being undergone with testing and implementation of new strategies. At this point we would like to acknowledge the input of Proschoice and the Center For Molecular Dynamics Nepal

as we develop and implement strategy regarding human-leopard co-existence.  Serious conflict resulting in loss of life of people, livestock and leopards is being addressed through these strategies.  In the site update there will be details on progress regarding field work we are undergoing including issues such as man-eater leopards and how the implementation of technological resources and forensic analysis are providing solutions.  The update will include information on the following with the theme of:

Providing Solutions for:

More on The Leopard  – Details of panthera pardus

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News soon of:

International Day of the Leopard

scheduled for November 2017.