wildleopard.net – Focus on Panthera Pardus

The independent site wildleopard.net is currently parked at this page as the Leopard Task Force (LTF) works on new strategies and partnerships for 2019.

The LTF is a network of organizations and individuals collaborating for the betterment of panthera pardus, the leopard, the least supported and most persecuted of the big cats.  Currently our focus is on South Asia, particularly India and Nepal but the LTF is a collaboration concerned with the species throughout its global range.

Many thanks to those who have followed our work which has included innovative projects such as Ecosystem Reboot (leopard rehabilitation, release and rewilding) and Coexistence Strategies.  We’re looking forward to bringing more information on the Kathmandu Leopard Project which is using cutting edge genetic analysis as well as other projects bringing protective measures using LeopardEye.

As we go through 2019 we’ll also be adding content to wildleopard.net so as to be a resource rich platform bringing information, news and conservation solutions for panthera pardus.