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Thanks for visiting WildTiger as we begin 2020, the start of a decade recognized as being vital for the future of wildlife.  Content is being added to our new look site through February as we finalize our collaboration with the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC Nepal) for 2020.  At the moment we have a strong focus working on the ground regarding the situation of serious human and big cat conflict in Western Nepal and adjoining Indian States. Please read the latest blog post from WildTiger Coordinator Jack Kinross HERE as we develop Early Warning Systems (EWS) as part of conflict mitigation work.

Below is a brief message from WildTiger Coordinator Jack Kinross regarding what we do and how we operate.

Namaste from Western Nepal, as mentioned above you can get my personal thoughts and updates on issues in a new blog at wildleopard.net but for now my thanks to those who have followed WildTiger over the years and given the support which makes a difference on the ground. The development of the COEXISTENCE TEAM (along with strategies we implement on the ground) is part of the evolution here at WildTiger which is a private sector organization registered in Australia currently in transition as an entity as we stand with a newly formed group, Human & Wildlife Protection Systems currently undergoing registration with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, due for completion in early 2020. Coinciding with that progress our online platforms will be up and running in full again by the end of January.

In the meantime we continue to work hard at ground level in an age where human and wildlife coexistence has never been more challenging. Our focus is providing a safer environment for humans and big cats, particularly leopards and tigers, in a region where many lives have been lost on both sides.

For now contact us on projects@wildtiger.org, follow our work in updates at this site and on social media or you can contact me personally at my blog site. We’re all in this together and anything is possible if we unite with the best intentions.

My regards to all,