Our Counter Poaching/Trafficking Platform

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for wildlife protection in both the elements of coexistence and counter poaching/trafficking. As mentioned at the HOME page we’re consolidating in what remains of ths year, active in the field and moving forward with a view to Vision and Action 2021 to reflect the changes and progress needed in the new normal. These changes will be reflected in our online platforms by year’s end, in the meantime please read below:

#AntiSnare is an important aspect of the work done by WildTiger. We have operations at different locations in Asia working in conjunction with relevant government and non-government agencies as well as law enforcement.

Currently in South Asia there exists a serious poaching spike, leopards and tigers among the victims.

Our work ranges from on the ground patrolling (covert monitoring), technical assistance and capacity building for anti-poaching units as well as a highly important feature of our work, wildlife crime case follow up. Please refer to the HOME page for now regarding high profile cases and there will be a further update with increased detailing late in 2020 as we move forward in a highly important decade for wildlife.

The image above is of a leopard which died as a result of snare trap injuries in Dadeldhura District, far west Nepal in early June 2020. Since the outbreak of the pandemic covid-19 there has been a serious poaching spike in South Asia with the use of snare traps prevalent. Part of #AntiSnare is keeping up to date databases and following cases through to prosecution and sentencing. While there is a watchdog element to this work we work closely with relevant authourities giving assistance where possible in the overall effort to combat wildlife crime.