Ecosystem Reboot – Big Cat Rehabilitation

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for wildlife protection in both the elements of coexistence and counter poaching/trafficking. As mentioned at the HOME page we’re consolidating and moving forward with Vision and Action 2021 to reflect the changes and progress needed in the new normal. These changes will be reflected in our online platforms with updates throughout January 2021 with a Snapshot timed a year out from the Year of the Tiger, this will be published on 1 February 2021. In the meantime please read below:

Since early 2014 WildTiger has worked with various partners on different leopard rehabilitation projects. We currently have projects ongoing and will update as we move forward in our planning and implementation in this highly important decade for wildlife. Please note that at all times the safety and security of big cats we help care for are our utmost priority so we do not publish release locations. Content is currently being prepared for this page as we enter Vision and Action 2021. Information on our soft release strategies will be published in due course as we maintain our philosophy that injured or problematic big cats be given every chance to live wild.