Collaborations, Supporters – ‘Be Involved and Help’

Thanks for visiting WildTiger as we begin 2020, the start of a decade recognized as being vital for the future of wildlife.  Content is being added to our new look site through February as we finalize our collaboration with the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC Nepal) for 2020.  At the moment we have a strong focus working on the ground regarding the situation of serious human and big cat conflict in Western Nepal and adjoining Indian States. Please read the latest blog post from WildTiger Coordinator Jack Kinross HERE as we develop Early Warning Systems (EWS) as part of conflict mitigation work.

With regard to our strategy development and implementations at Bardia National Park (and adjoining areas, to be known as The Karnali Project) WildTiger operates with a number of key collaborations including the National Trust for Nature Conservation, Bardia National Park and the Rapid Response Team (RRT) which is an entity ofthe Community Based Anti Poaching Unit (CBAPU) Bardia which we have worked with since 2010.

Also in our base area we’d like to thank the Dakhal family (operating a local hardware business) for their ongoing support while we develop a leopard refuge station and Rhino Lodge which has helped with transport logistics. We’ll name other local businesses and groups which have assisted as part of our update.

At this point we’d also like to thank the Center for Molecular Dynamics – Nepal and Pro’sChoice Australia for their collaboration and support over different projects over our base area and beyond.

More on our collaborations as the site is updated and our new look support platforms will be published later in January 2020 but for now as the Coexistence Team monitors serious human – big conflict situations we’re welcoming any support possible to add to equipment (primarily cameras) in the LeopardEye system. Please contact if you can help.