Partners and How You Can Help

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for wildlife protection in both the elements of coexistence and counter poaching/trafficking. As mentioned at the HOME page we’re consolidating and moving forward with Vision and Action 2021 to reflect the changes and progress needed in the new normal. These changes will be reflected in our online platforms with updates throughout January 2021 with a Snapshot timed a year out from the Year of the Tiger, this will be published on 1 February 2021. In the meantime please read below:

WildTiger networks with a number of organizations, both government and non-government globally as well as many passionate individuals. We value the role each and every one of our partners and supporters play. To join us on our mission please contact WildTiger coordinator Jack Kinross HERE.

We’ll have this page back to full information once the streamlining process caused by the onset of the global pandemic Covid-19 is complete but in the meantime we continue our way forward including work you can read in the menu. We’d like to thank all those who have rallied with us during this difficult time with particular mention for the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KACF) whose support and collaboration has been rock solid and meaningful as we move forward particularly in regards to the Living with Big Cats program.

We’d also like to acknowledge the growing support from
Youth Education and Training Initiatives Nepal (YETI ), a New Zealand organization involved in the early learner’s classes re wildlife and coexistence in western Nepal. More on this in the upcoming website changes.

At this point we’d also like to thank the Center for Molecular Dynamics – Nepal and Pro’sChoice Australia for their collaboration and support over different projects over our base area and beyond.