WildTiger is an independent body focusing on benefiting human and wildlife coexistence by countering wildlife crime and mitigating human-wildlife conflict. We collaborate with government and non-government agencies as well as community groups. WildTiger’s work is across species including emphasis on big cat regions. This site integrates with Mission Leopard which focuses on coexistence strategies.

Countering Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT – also referred to as wildlife trafficking)

Report Wildlife Crime Safely – To report wildlife crime information confidentially with no sender ID required.

LeopardEye is a key tool in our work as conservation technology plays an increasing role in wildlife protection and human safety in areas where coexistence with wild animals is challenging.

The poaching of big cats and wildlife in general for the purpose of Illegal Wildlife Trade is a major problem thus driving WildTiger’s Big Cat Focus, however our work is across species as the dynamics of wildlife trafficking often mean modus operandi and trade routes have common factors for different wildlife. Another important factor in the problem of wildlife trafficking is Crime Convergence where criminal networks use different types of trafficking in their activities for financial gain including human trafficking. Therefore collaboration between agencies combating trafficking of wildlife, people, drugs and weapons is critical.