I woke up just before 4am this morning, my first thoughts were of the leopard killing I described yesterday on other platforms, I wondered what it was like as a highly evolved, sentient being, bamboo thrust in mouth, bleeding profusely while being thrashed to death over many hours. These types of incidents are the fate of more leopards than we know about. Very soon this will be just another case, forgotten, there will be the usual outrage but very few will offer help. That is our world. At the moment we are doing our best with interventions, one of the main dynamics in this human – leopard coexistence challenge is illegal trade in body parts, it’s the focus right now as you read at the Mission Leopard Home Page. I am still getting details on the UP case, trying to understand motivation but already another case has come through as well. It’s never ending. Yesterday afternoon I went offline (I just wanted a few hours not getting messages about the UP leopard and others) while with friends at a place being planned for coexistence learning/lifestyle/understanding. I found leopard scat, a few hours later another friend rang to say he had just then seen a leopard in broad daylight on the edge of his property. Coexistence with big cats is very real and raw here, it’s not easy, both sides have fatalities but there are big efforts by some to protect both sides and the bottom line is leopards and tigers need safe havens like these places to have any chance. Nowhere is completely safe but for leopard life outside protected areas is particularly hazardous. I can tell you right now leopard conservation can be a very lonely job, I thank those who actually do help, too many just watch, maybe those people should really think about this situation, the loneliness of the leopard beaten to death with bamboo in its mouth. Right now the only option is to protect what we can, to try and improve coexistence, it can never be perfect but it can be a damn site better than it is if people truly care.