I often joke round that I trust wildlife tech more than people to which it’s sometimes replied to me that I like wildlife more than people … to which I always answer, hey, humans are maybe in my top 100 species! (Let’s put some emphasis on maybe, it depends on the day… Kiwi sense of humour, don’t get all offended). I’m really busy with LeopardEye right now, there’s decent progress in its application which to put it bluntly is to help decrease people and big cats harming each other. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more fundamental to efficiency, let’s keep working on those algorithms baby but at the end of day none of this is any good if people steal devices, abuse the data or do any other shitty stuff especially in areas where help is really needed such as highly affected human-wildlife conflict areas. It’s a fine balance but there has to be enough trust to even try, sometimes I just shake my head in wonder when the trust is betrayed. As I’ve mentioned before, the leopard has taught me a lot about people, it’s a very hard species to get people to care about. LeopardEye as a tool though, is not just about leopard, other species such as tiger and elephant can be the focus but at the end of the day this whole thing, the whole conservation paradigm comes down to people, it’s quite simply about humans and our behaviour. I wouldn’t put in so much effort if I didn’t have hope though, I do, there’s good people trying hard and nature is remarkable. I thank those who comply with that with tangible support. A really busy few months ahead, really important to make as many gains as possible before monsoon, those of you who have taken the time to read what is written in Snapshot will understand, there will be updates and content added during this month at the site.