In a world increasingly made less wild by man, there has to be places where leopards can be leopards without interruption. No livestock grazing, no disruption to forests, no tourist jeeps, just nature being nature, left alone. These places are reducing in number, they still exist but more than ever they need sacred status attached to them, they need the respect and reverence that was once far more inherent in us. It’s not too late for apex predators to still have these habitats, to manage the air and water we all need, something long understood by indigenous cultures but which has to rewired in all of us. We’re witnessing coexistence stretched to its limits of late, there’s a lot of hypocrisy surrounding both individual and collective environmental footprints, the leopard is the perfect symbol for what is going wrong but where the great cat can still live in pristine lands, it can show us a positive way forward.

The Annapurna, as I’ve touched on in previous updates, is one very such place. I feel optimistic with progress so far, the next few months of winter bring great challenges but it is an integral time to take coexistence strategies forward. Please help of you can HERE. More in the update later in November.