The first section of our new digital download format, Touching the Mountain, a way you can support coexistence for just $10 is now open HERE. Read about our circular economy ethos products below:

During the just completed Lunar Year of the Tiger efforts we worked further on the establishment of our Circular Economy ethos whereby we establish funding platforms for our projects using sustainable and ecosystem beneficial practices which also have tangible benefits for all involved.

Conservation Honey was the first product in our circular economy meets conservation philosophy with benefit for all. We’re excited about where this is heading with tangible benefits for all parties involved taking place. The Conservation Honey story is being written and published at If you want to be involved please email
WildTiger is a partner in Conservation Honey made by Sarswoti Pachupanchi, a west Nepal based firm in association with the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund and other partners.

Wild Leopard Coffee is a way you can help and you can do so immediately here as we’re currently taking expressions of interest as we develop the brand as a support system for our project work. For personal use or as a distributor, you can make a real difference. For more info email

Another exciting development is Bardiya Tharu “Chatni” which is part of a range of small good products being developed through 2023. We’ll update at the end of the Year of the Tiger in February 2023 on this healthy, tasty west Nepal food as yet more products become part of our circular economy and conservation ethos.

Aam is the Tharu (indigenous people of the Terai region of India and Nepal) word for mango and Chatni means pickle. We’re excited about this great product, part of a range of mango uses we’re developing within our circular economy philosophy, benefiting everyone and everything in the production/consumption circle including wildlife.