The Coexistence Kids

Mission Leopard, a WildTiger Initiative protecting the leopard, people and habitat...

Update June 2022 – The Coexistence Kids (formerly Living with Big Cats) have now entered a collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute (Nepal). The first drama is now in production planning, it brings a strong conservation message which will be shown on a newly formed YouTube channel as well as other platforms.

The drama, “The Leopard and the Snare” fits in with Mission Leopard, we’re aiming for release after the winter months (at the end of the Year of the Tiger) here in western Nepal, the kids will be rehearsing, filming and learning until then. Currently as we are in the monsoon season the kids are developing their art skills, both drawing and painting of wildlife and village life, as part of our new ‘coexistence through creativity’ program initially starting at Bardiya National Park, west Nepal.