Update October 2022 – Many thanks to those who have taken interest and helped with the Coexistence Kids and Living with Big Cats over the years. We are currently forming a collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) Nepal with the next update due at the time of the reboot on 1 February 2023.

A key component that is part of the evolution is environmental studies portals through digital platforms. This has been in development since the height of the covid-19 pandemic. The initial learning group at Bardiya National Park in west Nepal was the model developed and learnt from with growth to include other areas of Nepal as well as regions in India coming on stream throughout 2023. This combined with information received through LeopardEye especially for those children living in highly affected areas with human-wildlife conflict means greater understanding. From coordinator Jack Kinross, “it’s not just a matter of giving children a good education, it’s the definition of a good education, the human future on the planet depends on that”.

Our new YouTube Channel is up and running, short clips to educate:

Mission Leopard – YouTube

Our thanks to collaborators and supporters, most of whom wish to remain anonymous. At this point we’d like to acknowledge the Youth Education and Training Initiatives (YETI) Nepal Trust (a New Zealand organization) and Nepally Dream (a France-Nepal organization).

Check out images below from Living with Big Cats and the Coexistence Kids from the last few years at Bardiya National Park, west Nepal: