Including #AntiSnare

CALL TO ACTION – Right now as you read this a leopard is dying in a snare in South Asia. One of our main focuses currently is prevention and rehabilitation capacity building. You can help us reduce the killing please email and watch/read below.

#AntiSnare embraces a number of operations and interventions to prevent snaring as well as leopard poaching/trafficking in general. Operations in collaboration with various agencies are extending throughout the Indian sub-continent.

As described in the video, snare traps are a brutal way of killing wildlife. Big cats are targeted (Read Snapshot) but are also victims of snares set for bushmeat hunting or illegal control of wildlife perceived to threaten crops or livestock.

Leopard Rehabilitation, putting leopards back where they belong with Ecosystem Reboot.

Since early 2014 WildTiger has worked with various partners on different leopard rehabilitation projects. We currently have projects ongoing and will update as we move forward in our planning and implementation in this highly important decade for wildlife. Please note that at all times the safety and security of big cats we help care for are our utmost priority so we do not publish release locations.

Below is Asa, he went from being a tiny cub who had to be hand raised to becoming a magnificent wild leopard, his whole story continues, we will describe when the time is right but Asa is an inspiration and motivation as to what is possible. Since then we’ve been involved in the welfare of many other leopards with rehab stations as part of that with the philosophy of isolated recovery and soft release. Currently we are exploring with partners the possibility of a major rehab center for recovery from injury, rewilding and release. There will be an update on progress in February 2023 as part of the Mission Leopard reboot.