Found in more than 60 countries but possibly having vanished in over 20, the leopard remains the most widespread of the big cats however the species is under constant threat through most of its range.

The leopard (also known as forest leopard and common leopard) – Scientific Name Panthera pardus – Conservation Status VULNERABLE with a decreasing population globally.

The Indian Leopard is currently our focus species: Panthera pardus fusca – Conservation Status VULNERABLE. The Indian Leopard is native to the Indian sub-continent where it is found in the following countries: Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Taking data from population census and estimates there could be as many as 20,000 leopards in the region although that figure is probably at the upper level. Threats to the Indian leopard are explained in Snapshot while below is an overview of this sub-species.

The Indian leopard has muscular torso with short, strong legs. Their eyes are yellowish grey with light grey ocular bulbs. It