About the Leopard…

Found in more than 60 countries but possibly having vanished in over 20, the leopard remains the most widespread of the big cats but is under constant threat through most of its range.

Scientific Name Panthera pardus – Conservation Status VULNERABLE with a decreasing population globally.

Sub Species

African Leopard: Panthera pardus pardus – Conservation Status VULNERABLE

Amur Leopard: Panthera pardus orientalis – Conservation Status CRITICALLY ENDANGERED

Arabian Leopard: Panthera pardus nimr – Conservation Status CRITICALLY ENDANGERED

Indian Leopard: Panthera pardus fusca – Conservation Status VULNERABLE

Indochinese Leopard: Panthera pardus delacouri – Conservation Status CRITICALLY ENDANGERED

Javan Leopard: Panthera pardus melas – Conservation Status ENDANGERED

Persian Leopard: Panthera pardus tulliana – Conservation Status ENDANGERED

Sri Lankan Leopard: Panthera pardus orientalis – Conservation Status VULNERABLE

To understand some of the main threats to the leopard read Snapshot. WildTiger currently has a focus on reducing trade in body parts of the Indian Leopard and is working in collaboration with relevant authorities and organizations. This page is being added to during May with further content to give greater understanding of the leopard.