A note from Jack Kinross:

The Sacred Valley Concept (SVC) is an important part of the Mission Leopard reboot on 1 February 2023) a year after Mission Leopard began at the start of the Lunar Year of the Tiger) in that it is a project that has been long in the making but was delayed by covid and some fluid leopard issues which needed attending to. I’ve touched on the SVC in some of the updates but I’m positive with the progress as I write this in December 2022, the next steps are under way.

The SVC is very much based around the human and nature connection and in this case has direct and long term benefits for people and leopards as well as the habitat they live in. A mountain community I’ve known for twelve years, their connection to the land, is central to the SVC. An important component is the “Rights of Nature” which is a philosophy gaining foothold globally especially with biodiversity targets for 2030 and 2050 in mind. We share the planet with other species, respecting that in our actions going forward is critical to the health of the planet but also our individual health, physically, mentally and spiritually, the SCV represents that thinking.

I2 January 2023 – I’ve written another blog post HERE, and you can work back from that update through previous posts to understand the SVC further before the reboot coming up on 1 February. In the meantime if you can help our work in even a small way by buying an image please go HERE. Best wishes to all, Jack.

Najarman Gurung in his element in the Annapurna Himalaya, read more HERE.