Thanks for visiting WildTiger as we work through 2022 with our focus on Mission Leopard.  We work with appropriate authorities and agencies on the ground as well as networking internationally. WildTiger is a private sector entity under the proprietorship of and coordinated by Jack Kinross, registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Link to the latest updates posts from Jack Kinross HERE to learn more about what we do as well as going through the menu here at WildTiger.

We continue to work hard at ground level in an age where human and wildlife coexistence has never been more challenging. Our focus is providing a safer environment for humans and big cats, particularly leopards and tigers, in a region where many lives have been lost on both sides. WildTiger also assists government and non-government agencies to combat the poaching/trafficking of wildlife with emphasis on big cats.

Contact us on, follow our work in updates at this site and you can also contact us at @WildTigerNews at Twitter. If you would like to report a wildlife crime or communicate relevant information but wish to remain to remain private from government authorities and/or law enforcement we can help you. We’re all in this together and anything is possible if we unite with the best intentions.