Wildlife crime is a societal problem, it needs to be treated as such…

A recent seizure, leopard skin, bones and claws. On another platform yesterday a post re leopard poaching resulted in an ‘off air’ discussion, the agreement being that wildlife crime is a societal problem but the conservation sector is constantly in the firing line from the public who take little responsibility beyond armchair activism. It’s all very well firing shots, anyone can do that, one day in a larger body of work I’ll explain what it has been like constantly listening to those shots, sometimes even being aimed at. In the meantime western Nepal is a hotspot for leopard poaching/trafficking and covid is making it harder to combat due to resources. My own focus is very much on this issue, there are people trying, albeit not enough, maybe a few of those firing shots could actually give real support instead of criticism. Wildlife crime definitely is a societal problem, a serious one. It needs to be treated as such. We’re all in this. The pandemic is one of many problems exposing our poor treatment of nature. Wildlife crime is a big part of that.