UPDATE: Reality check – covid and poaching figures tell a serious story…

More on the health post situation (which is very positive but still needs help) down the page including a new fundraising link but India is 48 times the size of Nepal so if you multiply this by Nepal’s infection rate you can see just how serious the situation is, Nepal is in a worse case rate and death rate position. I use this comparison for leopard poaching, this year has been shocking and I’ll talk more about the figures in a future post but Nepal is probably the most unsafe place for leopards in the world right now, the pandemic one of the reasons why. The covid and poaching figures are closely linked in that there is a bad tendency for reaction rather than pro-action here. Foreigners as well need to question their own perception of Nepal, too many see it through this romantic masala tea, mountain view, tiger sighting type glasses which is so far from the reality of life here it’s pathetic. Yes, Nepal has caused its own undoing in many ways but there needs to be a united front of repairing the situation and stop hiding behind smiles which don’t tell the truth and the truth is that ‘namaste life’ masks a lot of pain in this country.

On a positive note people are joining together to get a covid isolation area put together here. Nirajan and David, in the image, are preparing to collect the first oxygen supply as I write this. In conjunction with the Municipality partners are coming on board and I sincerely thank WildTiger connected people for getting things kicked off, we’ll have some fully equipped beds ready later today. A big shout out to Jacqui Holth who I refer fundraising to now through that page, this has taken a lot of pressure off, I’ve got so much work on re the leopard situation. Here is the link connected to Bright Futures of Bardia – HERE – the funds collected include being for a doctor’s salary in this critical period before monsoon. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll be working closely with this and other Health Posts regarding coexistence education, the improvement at this Thakurdwara Health Post mean much better support for those attacked by wildlife in the first instance.

This quote from resident UN coordinator Sara Beysolow Nyanti – who has been visiting overflowing hospitals where patients are being treated in corridors and courtyards, in scenes that “break my heart” – said she believed Nepal’s plight is being overshadowed by India, which this week became the second country after the United States to report more than 25 million infections. The link to that article explaining more about that situation is HERE.

I’ll update again soon. Once again, my thanks to those who care about this situation and are helping.


Dr. Bibhabasu Jnawali arrived in the area at 3am after a long journey. He will have an immediate case load of 42 and the clinic, thanks to initial support, is set up now for emergency breathing problem situations. It’s not the time for back slapping at all, the situation is serious and a lot more needs to be done but deserving mention goes to Ramesh Thapa (former BNP Chief Warden, now based in Ktm) of Ujalo Nepal for facilitating the employment of Dr.Bibhabasu Jnawali, to Jacqui Holth (based in Australia) of Bright Futures of Bardia for setting up the fund for the medical team at the link at the bottom and Dr Jenny Chen (based in New York) for fantastic support and guidance regarding medical matters and equipment. It is a team effort and those involved have helped with the basic human right of health care which will make a huge difference in the treatment of those injured by wildlife as well, for now the focus is very much on covid. There is still sadly a lot of ignorance and carelessness regarding safety guidelines which is why Nepal has the highest transmission rate in the world. We will strengthen our role in connection with the clinic for coexistence education/awareness as this is very much connected to the whole scenario. WildTiger’s Nirajan Chhetri will continue to work full time on clinic matters. I really have to get back to putting long hours re leopard trafficking but I’m happy to answer any questions from English speakers. Another update once more systems and understanding is in place. To support the medical team from this point go to link HERE.