Feeling safe is key to coexisting with the leopard

Many thanks to those who have been in contact of late re leopard issues, update soon, I reply when I can. It’s difficult trying to increase tolerance of #leopard across this latitudinal belt because of the fear factor born by facts. For instance 455 people, including many children, have been killed by leopard in neighbouring Uttarakhand in the last 20 years alone. Increasing safety is key which is why putting sustained effort into early warning systems is a priority. Leopard and human activity in the same areas can work but it requires a buy in as to why leopards are important and why coexistence with this animal is actually fundamental, the leopard is the apex predator across a greater range than any other big cat species. Thus leopard conservation has an importance which has been overlooked for too long but people do need to feel safe, they need to be able to feel they can coexist with this animal. The challenge now is creating that safety net and the most important component is reducing attacks.