The human and leopard coexistence focus… and many thanks for the messages

The image was taken (on my birthday and a few days after Dad’s passing) very close to the spot where a little girl was killed by a leopard recently. Those who follow these posts and our work will know I’ve been putting a lot of time into tech which can be used as early warning systems (EWS). There’s still a long way to go with this but there’s been considerable progress and some success. Preventing that first fatality in a village area is the ultimate aim, it is all too often that due to scale and resource issues that response is reactive, we have to be more diligent in achieving communication so that all indicators are taken into account and attacks on people are minimized. Tolerance means less retaliation.

Reducing the numbers of leopards being killed for parts trafficking is vital too. Every death upsets territorial and ecological balances. There is this dangerous misconception that leopard numbers are ok, they’re not, there’s too many places where the big cat has disappeared completely and the rather ignorant view about leopard populations is a result of disconnect and misunderstanding. We must address that too. Right now as I write this in a different place, I’m staring at a database showing 42 incidents of leopard poaching/trafficking (with more pending) in Nepal alone since the start of 2020. Once again, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We’re entering the six month window where it becomes cooler and humidity is not such a factor. It is the time of the year to get a lot done. My posts will have a strong solution focus and of collaborations being built. Real action is the main focus, the human and leopard coexistence paradigm is a shaky one and like so many aspects in our relationship with nature it must be improved, for the sake of all parties.

My Dad would expect me to work as hard as possible during this next window, he really understood the essence of all this, I’ll miss our chat very much, the memories inspire me though. Many thanks to those who sent thoughts since his passing, on my birthday too, people joined the dots.

Please continue to contact me with any leopard news you think might be relevant to help. I’ll have more soon on other ways to be involved and help, there’s been many months of preparation for that and as I reflect on the last few days I feel more determined than ever that we get coexistence to what it needs to be, there’s a lot riding on it…