Protect the Leopard, Heal the Earth

The Mission, to improve human and leopard coexistence which in turn improves ecosystems and life for all.

“Found in more than sixty countries, if we can make major improvements in leopard conservation we will in fact be protecting a huge amount of forests, mountains and other landscapes” Jack Kinross (Updates HERE)

Welcome to Mission Leopard. Those of you who have recently visited or follow our work in other ways will know that for twelve months from 1 February 2022, the current Year of the Tiger, both and are parked at this site. Currently we are focused on #AntiSnare which is closely linked to leopard rehabilitation work at our working site in western Nepal but includes operations throughout the Indian sub-continent. The Indian leopard (panthera pardus fusca), the sub species facing serious challenges from habitat loss, poaching and human-leopard conflict, is currently our main concern as this leopard sub species suffers from high levels of persecution and lack of conservation emphasis.

Go through our menu to understand our work and get the latest updates from Jack Kinross HERE and learn how you can help with leopard rehabilitation after the big cats are injured in snares or in other ways.