Frontline Support and Action

WildTiger implements and assists in operations at different locations in Asia working in conjunction with relevant government and non-government agencies as well as law enforcement.

Currently in South Asia there exists a serious poaching spike, leopards and tigers among the victims.  A key location where we work on the ground is at Bariya National Park in western Nepal,  Bardiya is an important big cat landscape in the Terai region, it adjoins Banke National Park as well as Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in India.  The three reserves hold in excess of 200 big cats. Our work ranges from on the ground monitoring (including the use of LeopardEye) to technical assistance and capacity building for anti-poaching units. As part of Vision and Action 2021 we are further developing CMS (Constant Monitoring Systems) in which LeopardEye is an important tool. Support for teams on the frontline in both anti-poaching and human-wildlife conflict mitigation. Even the simple act of providing adequate cooking equipment to isolated Range Posts (as below in Bardiya National Park) makes a difference, it means far less wood collection as well as easier, cleaner and safer cooking. Clothing, flashlights and equipment connected with training in LeopardEye are also part of the support strategy.

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