Operation Leopard

Operation Leopard is run as part of #AntiSnare, WildTiger’s counter poaching/trafficking platform.

The leopard in South Asia is one of the most persecuted wild animals in the region.  The poaching and trafficking of leopards in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka is an ongoing problem which doesn’t get the same emphasis in combating as species considered more iconic such as tiger, rhino and elephant.

Operation Leopard is a WildTiger initiative in collaboration with partners with the following specific aims:

  • To gather information to increase understanding of the dynamics of leopard poaching/trafficking.
  • To identify key crime groups and individuals involved in this wildlife crime including intelligence gathering allowing for cross referencing to identify links to the poaching/trafficking of other species.
  • To assist law enforcement agencies in combating the trafficking of leopard body parts as well as those of other species.

Operation Leopard is currently in process with information gathered kept confidential so as to not compromise investigations.  Public reports will be made available when appropriate.