Partners and How You Can Help

WildTiger networks with a number of organizations, both government and non-government globally as well as many passionate individuals. We value the role each and every one of our partners and supporters play. To join us on our mission in whatever way you can provide support please contact WildTiger coordinator Jack Kinross HERE.

 We’d like to thank all those who have rallied with us during this difficult time with covid-19 with particular mention for the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund (KACF).


KACF‘s support and collaboration has been an integral element in being able to continue to move forward particularly in regards to the Living with Big Cats program.

We’d also like to acknowledge the growing support from Youth Education and Training Initiatives Nepal (YETI ), a New Zealand organization involved in the early learner’s classes re wildlife and coexistence in western Nepal.  As stated at the Living with Big Cats page the French Charity Nepally Dream have kindly helped with funding wifi and equipment for key locations in the early learners education program. We look forward to an upcoming announcement for Year of the Tiger 2022 in which we give details of our collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute (Nepal) and their Roots and Shoots program.



At this point we’d also like to thank the Center for Molecular Dynamics – Nepal and Pro’sChoice Australia for their collaboration and support over different projects over our base area and beyond. A new collaboration with BolyMedia as a partner in our conservation technology work (LeopardEye) will have details published here as we transition leading up to Year of the Tiger 2022.

We’d also like to acknowledge our partnerships in our model area (Bardiya National Park) for Living with Big Cats including the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), Ujalo Nepal and Biodiversity Conservation Nepal.  WildTiger has a long standing relationship with the Community Based Anti Poaching Unit (CBAPU Bardiya) stretching back to 2010, the previous Year of the Tiger and we have exciting new projects designed in collaboration with CBAPU which will be announced at the start of Year of the Tiger 2022 (1 February). There are a number of local business’s as well as numerous individuals internationally who support what we do, we thank you all.

With regard to our collaborations within the #AntiSnare project we acknowledge the efforts of those involved.  For safety and research/investigation integrity we minimize the information made public.