1 October 2021 – The serious spate of big cat body parts seizures in South Asia continues indicating extremely high levels of poaching/trafficking activity.  As of date over 180 fatalities of leopard alone are indicated by seizure data in India/Nepal this year.  Please read below for more about Snapshot and our direction:

Snapshot – A new series highlighting major issues and incidents with regard to the poaching and trafficking of big cats in South Asia.

On 1 February 2021, 12 months out from the Year of the Tiger 2022 we began Snapshot.  Essentially the Snapshot series is part of #AntiSnare, our counter poaching/trafficking program and is there to bring focus on certain events in certain areas where illegal trade of big cat body parts is taking place specifically in South Asia.  Snapshot is not about opinions, it is not about points of view, instead it is about bringing focus to real time problems. WildTiger doesn’t just bring attention to problems, we work on the ground to combat them and implement solutions.  Snapshot has been introduced so that there is greater understanding as to why we do this, why it is more necessary than ever to to take action. Snapshot is a work in progress.  There is considerable collaboration behind the scenes and for obvious reasons there is certain information which cannot go public.  What is important is that there is wider understanding of issues faced in different regions, both inside and outside protected areas. We value our collaborating partners highly, we respect the loyalty, dedication and passion of those involved.  There are incredible people who for safety and security reasons can never be mentioned.  Snapshot gives insight as to why the work must be done.

1 February 2021

“Over 200 big cats (tigers and leopards) killed as evidenced by body parts seizures in 2020.  What is the real death toll? These figures are just for India and Nepal.” The information below relates to the most recent seizures in South Asia as January 2021 has provided no let up to the problem of big cats being killed and traded in South Asia.  Many, if not most of these big cats die as a result of being caught in snares. Spotlight western Nepal – Preview Currently in South Asia there exists a serious poaching spike, leopards and tigers among the victims.

We have 100s of examples in our files. In the image below you can see the partly decomposed body of a tiger caught in a bush meat snare trap in Bardiya National Park, Nepal, late in 2020. This tragic death of a young tiger is an example of an ongoing series of incidents in western Nepal, an area where poaching and trafficking of wildlife has a long history and continues today. As of 1 October 2021 the seizure figures (big cat body parts) in the area are the highest of this century.  WildTiger is currently preparing a report which will be published here at Snapshot through findings in  Operation Leopard.   Other aspects of #AntiSnare are Frontline Support and Action Case Follow Up Operation Leopard