WildTiger – Coexistence Strategies including Counter Wildlife Crime

UPDATE November and December 2021 through January 2022 – Welcome to WildTiger – This site is transitioning as we lead up to the next Year of the Tiger beginning on 1 February 2022. Read below for links to current information about Living with Big Cats and #AntiSnare as we rebadge towards the overall headings of Coexistence Strategies and Counter Poaching/Trafficking. There are also short previews of projects that have evolved from existing formats in a world changed by covid at Conservation Honey and Tiger English.

‘Living with Big Cats’ – Guideline Distribution and using LeopardEye

Currently in the Bardiya/Banke (Nepal) and Katarniaghat (India) linked landscape protected area complex there are serious difficulties regarding human and big cat conflict.  There has been 44 human fatalities (as at 1 December 2021) since the beginning of 2019.  WildTiger works in conjunction with conservation partners in this challenging coexistence environment which is a model area for development and implementation of strategies .  Guidelines regarding activity in jungle areas (in Nepali language) are distributed in conflict hotspots in collaboration with conservation partners and communities.  LeopardEye using cutting edge conservation technology based upon the 3 elements of effective operation is described HERE.

Awareness and Education – Our multi-pronged model  is our main LBC page describing how we work on the ground implementing the strategies we develop.

Counter Poaching/Trafficking

This component of our work is conducted under the project heading #AntiSnare.  WildTiger works in conjunction with government and non-government agencies, law enforcement and community groups in efforts to combat wildlife crime.  Frontline support and information sharing are core to WildTiger activities in this area, we are bound and committed to data/information security.  We will have an update on our efforts and collaborations regarding counter poaching/trafficking on 1 February 2022, the first day of the next Year of the Tiger.  Currently we have particular emphasis on the situation regarding the poaching and trafficking of leopard in South Asia where the issue is at its most serious in India and Nepal.  In conjunction with partners WildTiger is adopting the Situational Crime Prevention (SCP) model thus focusing on how wildlife crime occurs as against the the previous norms which involved emphasis on the criminal nature of offenders to deter crime. 

To report a forest and/or wildlife (re leopard and/or any other species) crime please refer to the panel at the bottom of the page.

We thank those who support our work at this critical time, more about our support and collaborations HERE. To assist or to inquire please email projects@wildtiger.org in the first instance.  Project update notifications in 2022 will be posted at our popular Twitter site @WildTigerNews which also carries general news of big cat and other wildlife issues throughout the Asia – Pacific region.